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  • In California, there are ten excellent state parks to visit.

    State parks in California are filled with sea breezes, stunning waterfalls, and towering mountain peaks, providing a lifetime of adventure for visitors. Hiking, camping, fishing, and SCUBA diving are all popular activities in these public places, which outnumber California’s top national parks in terms of number of visitors. You may also simply stand and marvel […]

  • California’s National Parks are among the best in the country.

    Featuring everything from the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the below-sea-level salt flats of Death Valley, California’s national parks offer visitors a diverse range of environments and activities. Aspiring travellers of all ages to visit California national parks such as Redwood, Joshua Tree, and Yosemite, national parks such as Redwood, Joshua Tree, […]

  • Bakersfield’s Top 10 Parks

    Bakersfield’s city parks are located across the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. These public spaces provide green space and sun relief in the form of huge shade trees and splash pads. They also give a beautiful natural location to escape from the bustling and urbanised cities. Over 60 parks are maintained by the city, […]

  • 12 Best Campgrounds Near Big Sur & Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, California

    Spending the night camping in the redwood trees and along the adjacent seaside bluffs is the ideal way to view Big Sur’s towering mountain cliffs and stunning ocean. Campgrounds on the Big Sur coast are in high demand, spanning approximately 90 miles of Highway 1 between Hearst Castle and Carmel-by-the-Sea. Big Sur has drawn other […]

  • 11 Best Things to Do in Big Bear, California

    Big Bear, a two-hour drive from Los Angeles, is a popular destination for adventure and vacation in Southern California. At a height of nearly 6,700 feet, the town is surrounded by the San Bernardino Mountains and enjoys four different seasons. The winter brings an abundance of snow, a Southern California rarity, which feeds Big Bear […]